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Metamorphosis Journey is an experiential workshop that explores transformation in the face of planetary emergency.  Participants explore the pyschological, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the climate crisis, as well as developing personal action steps towards finding hope, meaning and solutions.  

The participant moves through the stages of Chrysalis, Crisis, Catharsis, Symbiosis, and Metamorphosis, personalizing this arc, and applying it to their own lives. Learn to tap into our ‘Protean Self’- that part of us that is open and willing to change.  Short films, representing each of the stages, are integrated throughout the workshop, along with guided meditations, movement, and break-out group exercises. 

The workshop is lead by award-winning filmmakers and Certified Professional Coaches, Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper. The structure is inspired by their  feature documentary, “Metamorphosis”, and rooted in the Coaching For Transformation model, as well as the filmmakers’ lived experiences travelling into the heart of global ecological crisis.   LEARN MORE

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