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An intense, cinematic experience of our interdependent and vulnerable ecosystem, this is a tale of danger and rebirth. 


INCANDESCENCE weaves together stories of wonder and loss from the lives of communities and ecologies that have been deeply affected by wildfires.   The film will be driven by moving stories, stunning cinematography, and powerful sound design.    It will be a transfixing journey into the  wonder of place and memory, the awful power of fire , and the resilience of life as it re-emerges from the ashes, that will leave the audience awestruck. 

In development, with support from the National Film Board of Canada, Pacific Region.

A Feature Documentary

Directed and written by Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper

Produced by Teri Snelgrove

Executive Producer Shirley Vercruysse

INCANDESENCE on the NFB Website:


Humanity is being buffeted by a perfect storm of crises, from pandemic to economic to climate, affecting our lives profoundly - and it’s only going to get worse. CLIMATE 911 will demonstrate how to prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate during this “Age of Emergencies” through the first-hand stories of a surprising and diverse cast of women -  front-line responders, trauma experts, artists, public leaders, emergency preppers, and change makers.  

We need to create an unprecedented transformation in the way we live as both individuals, and as a global society, in an incredibly short period of time - a global emergency response for the sake of our survival. 

The alarm bells are ringing.  CLIMATE 911 will be both a survival guide and  a call to reclaim and unleash our collective imagination in the face of climate code red.   It will be essential viewing for anyone experiencing a global emergency. This means you.

A Feature Documentary

Produced by Nova Ami.  Directed and written by Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper

In development with support from the Canada Media Fund and Knowledge Network.