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I'm Happy.  You're Happy.  We're All Happy. Happy, happy, happy.  (1990)

80 min   |  English  |  Producer  Velcrow Ripper | Director Velcrow Ripper

“The audacious filmmakers debut feature is a  moving, demented, tragic, surreal, hilarious and bleakly hopeful story.”

John Griffin - Montreal Gazette


“A Koyanisquaatsi meets Monty Python,  or perhaps ‘The Stalker’ by Pee Wee Herman.”

Jim Sinclair - Pacific Cinematheque


“ A contemporary ‘Modern Times’.  One of those rare works which, through it’s eclectic imagery and extraordinary use of sound, 

 actually expands the language of cinema.”

Kevin McMahon - The Falls

I'm Happy.JPG
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