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In the Company of Fear (1999)

52 Minutes   |   English and Spanish  |  Producer & Writer Jill Sharpe

 Director  Velcrow Ripper

"What shines out above all is the stoic courage of the Colombian activists. Watching this film you will very likely resolve 'I must seek out more films by Velcrow Ripper.' I certainly did."~ IMBD


Colombia is notorious for its politics of fear. In the Company of Fear explores the power of non-violent resistance to oppose state terror, through the work of "Protective Accompaniment". This is a strategy whereby foreign volunteers offer human rights activists the un-armed protection of an international presence. The theory is that countries that kill their own people don't want the world to know about it. In quest for the roots of violence the film examines the international community's role in generating and deterring terror.

From the film: "San Pablo is a town controlled by the guerrillas, but the paramilitaries are moving in. Just before we arrived, four activists were abducted in a paramilitary roadblock. They turned up the next day, arms, legs and heads cut off by chainsaws. Marco Tulio is the lone, local human rights activist. Marco is under serious threat now, and Peace Brigades volunteers stay with him several times a week-to show the "paras" the outside world is watching."

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