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Open Season (1998)

52 min   |   English    |  Producer  Velcrow Ripper | Director Heather Frise & Velcrow Ripper

GOLDEN GATE AWARD -- San Francisco International Film Festival

BEST OF THE FESTIVAL - Green Extreme Film Festival 

BEST ENVIRONMENTAL FILM - Missoula International Film Festival 

BEST TREATMENT OF CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECT - Missoula International Film Festival

BEST EDUCATIONAL VALUE- Missoula International Film Festival

Grizzly Bear-2013-0pic-03 (1).jpg

“Emotion Charged! Open Season puts the viewer right into the middle of some truly frightening confrontations, yet still finds the time to ask some relevant philosophical questions. The result is a film that is part Western, part morality play, and that tells us more about ourselves than we might care to know.”

- The Vancouver Sun

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